Eco Syntetic Ice Rink

Eco Syntetic Ice Rink

A revolutionary ecological synthetic “ice” rink that completely replaces conventional ice rinks.

Outdoors or indoors 365 days a year. Fast to assemble and easy to maintain. Ideal for beginners of all ages but also for the more experienced thanks to the very high degree of slipperiness. It always guarantees maximum comfort thanks to its non-cold and dry surface.
nextice, a real alternative to traditional ice.

The Xtraice ecological synthetic ice rink is used with normal blade skates. It is composed of a set of polymer panels treated with a special liquid for sliding. Panels are equipped with holes that are used to mount and fix the elements. Moreover, the edges of the panels are provided with recess and longitudinal and complementary projection for a male / female joint to the next panel.

The only requirement for the installation of the “ice” track provided by the nextice is a flat surface.
Here, therefore, that the square of a prestigious historical center becomes the ideal ground to create the Christmas atmosphere of the “Cold” North. The track can be transformed into the main entertainment center around which a real Christmas village revolves, ranging from food and wine curiosities to the most typical local craft stalls.

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