events production

events production

ELE light is able to support each customer not only in the choice of furnishings, but also in the executive design of the installation and producing all the necessary drawings for the development of the project. We ensure tailor-made solutions to guarantee the highest levels of professionalism, quality, safety and competence. With over ten years of experience and our collaboration with the most qualified companies in the sector, it allows us to guarantee a complete service that combines craftsmanship with innovative design and style.

Production of customized furniture


high planning and design skills combined with a practical and dynamic approach ensure that ELE light is able to offer the customer the best upholstery suggestions for any creation. With decades of experience and collaborations with the most highly qualified companies in the sector, it allows us to
guarantee a complete service able to combine craftsmanship with an innovative and stylish design. Our creativity and continuous comparison with established professionals, guarantee the best solution for any type of set-up.

Blacksmith’s workshop

professionalism and precision are the watchwords of our blacksmith. ELE light creates wrought iron furnishings in a workmanlike manner with particular attention to detail. Originality and elegance are among the main features of our furnishing accessories. Discover our handcrafted production made with seriousness and professionalism; two characteristics that have always distinguished our business. Benches, lounges, outdoor tables, chairs, consoles, furnishing accessories are all forged by our skilled craftsmen.

Glass craftmanship

ELE light is very attentive to tradition without forgetting vigour and modernity, which is why we provide you with a winning, up-to-date and competitive skill: glass craftmanship. Consult our catalogue and personalise your environment with our creations: glass tables, mirrors and furnishing details, we carry out specific workmanship that will guarantee surprising results to all.


Carpentry is one of the strongest points of our company. We are able to create any set-up or scenography and make any project or idea you have in mind become reality. Thanks to our experience, we produce and customize furniture and furnishing accessories, making all our fittings fully customizable and exclusive. These are the hallmarks of ELE light.